Choosing a

The key to selling your home quickly for the highest price possible revolves around selecting an experienced realtor who will best advocate for you. Compatibility is crucial as you will be spending lots of time planning out every step of the selling process carefully. You need a realtor who is skilled at negotiation, who can effectively articulate your position to prospective buyers and their agents and who does not shy away from communicating with you in a forthcoming and direct manner. The best realtor will tell you what you don’t want to hear knowing that the effects of their integrity and reputation will long outlast the most lucrative commission. 

While referrals from friends and family who have personally experienced the services of a real estate agent are a great means by which to select your agent, it is not the only way.  In fact, there really isn’t a right or wrong way to choose your realtor as long as you practice a few basic principles:

  • There is strength in numbers. Interview a minimum of three realtors before making your final selection.
  • Referrals from past clients speak highly to an agent’s credibility. Ask other homeowners regarding their own personal recommendations.
  • Stick to LOCAL realtors who work specifically in your zip code. They will be marketing magicians who are most informed regarding current market conditions, how to recruit the most likely prospective buyers and they will know exactly what people in your zip code are looking for.
  • Find an advocate in the form of a real estate agent. Make sure your candidate truly has your best interest at heart as you are open and upfront regarding your needs and expectations.
  • Look for a realtor who wants a client, not a listing. Your candidate should be someone who wants a lifelong relationship with you. If you need to sell another house or buy a new one, you will only want to use your selected agent over and over again.
  • Don’t ignore your intuition. If your first choice has had great success with listing properties in your neighborhood and has a lengthy list of raving reviews, it is likely safe to go with your instincts and select the agent.
  • Technology isn’t everything. Many of today’s realtors seek to wow potential clients with impressive marketing programs and MLS technology, however it takes a human being to fully comprehend how to work in order to effectively achieve your goals. If the respect isn’t there, it’s time to move along to candidate #2.
  • Look for a team player. Agents who are backed by a team are often in a better position to offer a higher level of service to their clients and can effectively handle more than one client at a time. In addition, they will be reputable among their own competition and well respected. These agent-to-agent relationships make for smoother real estate transactions due to an increased level of trust.
  • Look for a realtor who will be upfront regarding the risks. Many inexperienced agents solicit clients with flattery, failing to mention the risks of buying or selling a home. Experienced realtors communicate risk factors up front in order to mitigate costly mistakes farther down the line.
  • Look for an agent who plays by the rules, adhering closely to a set of core values. 


The best real estate transactions are those which are enhanced by an experienced real estate professional who knows every inch of the market. Take your time searching for the one best suited to your needs and ask as many questions as you can. Listen to their feedback and question their process. Don’t get caught up by a realtor’s flashy car or designer suit. Take the time to “learn” them and you will find that making the right choice might be easier than you think.